Integrate Documents app with Libre Office in Nextcloud

I am trying to setup the Documents app in my nextcloud instance to be able to open and edit .odt and .csv documents.

I installed libreoffice on my server and then, like it is said in the official docs, I added my path to the config.php array ( .

So after installation I did a which libreoffice which results in /usr/bin/libreoffice and then I add it to /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config: ‘preview_libreoffice_path’ => ‘/usr/bin/libreoffice’,

When I choose local install in the nextcloud settings for my libreoffice and hit Apply and Test I get the error Conversion failed. Check log for details.

When I check my logs I get:

{"reqId":"XXX","level":2,"time":"2020-04-17T16:10:51+00:00","remoteAddr":"XXX","user":"XXX","app":"documents","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/apps\/documents\/ajax\/admin.php","message":"Conversion test failed. Raw output:sh: 1: \/usr\/bin\/libreoffice: not found\n"

But usr/bin/libreoffice does in fact exist…

Anyone knows what the problem could be? Thanks so much in advance for every help or hint

well… that sounds ambitious. but afaik it’s not possible to integrate LO(OL) directly to nc. at least not yet.
you might wanna search the forum for more info about that. … but again: no solution available, yet.

possible and really easy is onlyoffice. possible and doable is collabora (which is based on libreoffice)

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Thanks Jimmy, that saves me time to further troubleshoot this. I read about the others tools you mention, but I thought I could have this easier and without setting up my own server to host e.g. OnlyOffice.

I am wondering though for what this documentation is for then anyways (), as it says explicitly:

The Documents application supports editing documents within Nextcloud, without the need to launch an external application. The Documents app supports these features:

Cooperative edit, with multiple users editing files simultaneously.
Document creation within Nextcloud.
Document upload.
Share and edit files in the browser, and then share them inside Nextcloud or through a public link.

And the it continues to explain how to set this up. I mean do I misunderstand this or is it very much misleading? Source:

i dunno which document youre referring to but with recent versions of NC it’s not possible to have LOOL included…

if you’re on nc >18 you could try the community document server… based on only office. it’s 2 or 3 clicks away, only.

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This Apps is for having a OnlyOffice online documentserver only in PHP without having to install it or using docker.
If you want LOOL or CODE (they are barely the same) you have to install the Collabora Office app and a docker container of Collabora Office Development Edition or LOOL.
CODE is more updated than LOOL (last commit of lool was last month whereas CODE was last week)

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Ok I see I can’t use the Documents app but will look into OnlyOffice or Collabora. Thank you very much everyone!!

shall we understand that the nextcloud app called “Edit Files with LibreOffice” isn’t made to open a shared file in nextcloud 24 with Libre office 7 installed on my computer ?

are collabora and onlyoffice free and not to difficult to set up ?