Integrate document server only office with nextcloud

Hi everyone
I have nextcloud 40G pre-configured vm from in my production. and it use ssh .
l installed only office document server on another ubuntu server but when wanna to integrate it with onlyoffice in nextcloud say that it need certificate on document server.

1- how can i get self signed Certificate on document server?
2-should i publish document server on internet?


Based on your questions, I think perhaps you would be better served using the built-in integration of the document server. But to answer your questions:

  1. It probably has a self signed certificate already and this is likely the problem. It needs a valid certificate.
  2. Same as any other site. Configure your DNS and port forwarding accordingly.
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@babak I would recommend using Collabora online as it works a bit better in my opinion, and if you use Collabora online you can turn off cert checker and can work with a self-signed cert.

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