Instructions for iOS

I am a new iPhone user and from the application of nextcloud client for iOS, i can not do almost anything.
First of all, the very simple thing : Create shared files or folders!
Share a file with link or just copy link from a shared file.
And finally, i can not sync an entire folder ( specifically the music folder ).

What happens; These are not actually provided from the iOS client or i do not know how to do ?

  • Nextcloud for iOS
  • Nextcloud Server 11.0.3
  • iOS version : 10.3.2.

Please help me.
Thanks in advance for your time.

  1. For Share, swipe left on (file or folder) select More and tap item : Share
  2. For sync a folder/file, select this as Favorite.


Thanks you so much!
It seemed strange to me not to have such basic functions, but i still learn the iOS…
As for my favorites, I didn’t know that they were being offered for this job.

Again, thanks you for your time and for immediate response! :slight_smile: