Instant upload when set to only wifi

I have my nextcloud instance available only in my internal network.

I love the auto upload feature in the mew beta. But i wanted to know of the below scenario is supported:

  1. With my Nextcloud setup available only in my internal network and auto upload set to upload when only on wifi.
  2. Will it keep track of files/pics that were taken while i was away from my wifi network ? Will it upload the new files as soon as i join the said home wifi network ?

This does not work currently and only pictures taken while on the wifi home network are indeed auto-uploaded.

Thanks again for all the work.

Ok, so interestingly this use case works fine on my other phone.

  1. Disconnect wifi.
  2. Take a pic.
  3. Connect to wifi.
  4. Nextckoud ‘upload failed’ error. But it does actually upload successfully.

Interestingly, it works on nexua 6p just fine but not on my nexus 6.

@tobiasKaminsky do you have any ideas as to why this might happen?