Instant upload disable

I use nextcloud fir work purposes and have the app on my android device purely so that i can access files if i need them when i am out the office

I noticed recently, talhat android was uploading media from my device to my storage.

I do not want this feature as my personal files are completely separate to work/business files.

If i want to upload my files from my phone, to nextcloud, i would do this myself

My question is, how do i disable this feature to ensure that it doesnt happen

I have, on a few times went to “settings → auto upload” and hidden all folders but nextcloud seems to find new folders and ipload content from here which i then need to delete and hid these folders

Surely there must be a way to simply disable the feature all together?

There is (was) an issue, unfortunately marked as duplicate from something different.
I objected to marking it as a duplicate because I believe that there should really be this option to switch it off, separately for the Auto Update function and not like some kind of emergency button “Temporarily stop all transfers”.


I will have a look at this github request, although nothing much can be done if closed?

The auto upload should not be forced. It should be decided by the user