Installing wordpress alongside nextcloud on raspberry pi 3

So I have my nextcloud server set up on my Pi and I also want to sent up a wordpress host, following the instructions on in the wordpress configuration would setting up the database host as localhost mess up my nextcloud installation?
Plus, is there anything a newbie should be careful of :wink:

You can host several databases on your database server. So there is no problem to provide a second database for wordpress. You can put both setups in seperate subfolders, or even better separation by different hostnames (check out virtual host configurations for your webserver).

Keep in mind, that the performance for Nextcloud on a Pi is somehow limited. It won’t get better if you install a lot of other things.

thanks tflidd,
That’s something I have to consider, if it’s worth the performance loss.

I was fascinated by the different CMS, in the meantime, I see many problems and that for some cases, other solutions are much better. For the Nextcloud homepage, they plan to move to hugo ( For me wordpress is great, if you have a few people who work on the same website and there are regular changes.

Advantage for you, s small wordpress website without many visitor, will not create a huge load on your raspbi.

I had a brief look at some other CMSs, I should have another look though, as there is quite a diversity out there. I’m setting up a blog for my girlfriend and went with Wordpress because it’s open-source and fairly well developed. At the beginning I’m not expecting high traffic so I think your right that the raspbi could probably handle it, if traffic gets heavy later I could always move to a server.