Installing Nextcloud with out access to the Internet

I want to install Nextcloud on one of our internal servers which doesnt have access to the internet.

Is that possible?

I think it is possible. Read Debian-installation or Ubuntu-installation.

  • you must install offline the Debian/Ubuntu packages e.g. apache2, php, mariadb, …
  • you must get the Nextcloud ZIP file (instead of wget with another system and then e.g. cp/scp, …)

I think there is a problem with SSL certificate. Maybe you do not need one or you can use a self signed certificate. But then maybe you get problems with the Nextcloud apps.

Just as an aside, I don’t know the situation with this server… but it can have access to the internet while also not allowing access to Nextcloud from the internet, if that’s the end goal. It would be much easier to install and update that way.

The goal atm is that the server only has access to the LAN and not the internet, but I’ll try what @devnull wrote and if it doesn’t work, I see iif we can connect it to the internet

Also you can use my above installation guides to install with internet access (including SSL certificate) and then block the access from the internet on the router/firewall/server. Also the app Geoblocker can be a solution for you.

By the way, millions of nextcloud instances are accessible via intenet. it can’t be that dangerous. Also, your data can’t be that important.