Installing Nextcloud to use with WireGuard


A little bit of context:
I am new to all things Linux but got a Pi5 as a Christmas present and have been playing around with it for the last few months. I currently have it running Ubuntu 23.10 desktop, with docker and portainer installed and I have been trying out new things like PiHole, Home Assistant, syncthing etc as portainers.

I have been looking at different options of remote access and decided that WireGuard seems like the best option for me since I only want intermittent access for single user.

I would like to set up Nextcloud now but all the tutorials I have been able to find all goes into using reverse proxy managers, and SSLs etc which seems more than what I currently need. Can anyone point me to a guide that just sets up Nextcloud in a docker container that I can access remotely with WireGuard please? Apologies if I have missed the obvious but so far my search has not returned much.

Thanks in advance, L

Just set up a simple Nextcloud app container that functions how you want it to on your internal network (with or without HTTPS and/or a proxy - that’s up to you but not strictly speaking necessary).

Then setup a standard Wireguard container.

As long as they both share networks, your Wireguard clients connecting will have access Nextcloud in the same way you do when on your internal network.

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