Installing Nextcloud Talk

I just installed Nextcloud 13 beta with snap install nextcloud --channel=edge
I would like to test Talk for my business but I can’t seem to find it in the WebGUI, “No available apps for your version” or something similar is displayed when I browse the different categories under “Apps”.

I found the link with a download link for Nextcloud 13. It’s a tar.gz with an app folder in it - can I use this and if so how (or is there a better way that I’m missing)?

On NC13 RC1 I find “Talk” in communication section of app store. But it is the same, provided within your link. Seems the renaming is not yet fully finished. So if you can’t find it in your store, just go with the achieve as suggested.

I see, but how come I can’t find any apps under Communication? And if I have to manually put the Talk app on the server, how do I go about doing that? Thanks!

The reason why it’s still spreed in the “apps” is because we kept the identifier as we wanted to allow people to easily update.

I may add that I can’t move the spreed/ directory in to apps/ due the snap instance being read-only…
mv: inter-device move failed: ‘spreed’ to ‘/snap/nextcloud/current/htdocs/apps/spreed’; unable to remove target: Read-only file system

@mario Ah yes that makes sense.

@PrinceProspero Hmm not any app in communication? Do you find other non-core apps in the store, e.g. calendar? This is in case a separate issue, but I am not to deep in snap installs as you use and their configuration/ of benches etc.

Switched to RC1 instead of Edge. Now I got it working and I see all available apps. Thanks!