Installing NextCloud on Windows Server Hyper-V

Hello, I just created my first server and I’m wanting to use NextCloud. I’m trying to keep everything on Hyper-V so I have everything in one place. But I’m unable to get it running even if I copy the machine from the virtual box to Hyper V. I was wondering if anyone can show me the best way to get everything to work with HyperV. Please and thank you

Preconfigured and readyto run…

OR you’re spin up a common hyper-v -machine and install ubutu 22.04 to it. and then run nextcloudpi script which would install a sanly setup nextcloud to it as well.

or or or… 1000s of possibilities

good luck

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Although VirtualBox is an amazing program, the virtual machines it makes have poor compatibility with the real hypervisors. This is true for VMware ESXi as well. It’s best to create the VM in Hyper-V up front.

My suggestion would be to install Ubuntu 22.04 and then install Nextcloud AIO with Docker.



Not sure if this is the best way or not, but I feel below is the easiest way.

Hyper-V Host Prep

  1. Turn on the Hyper-V feature on Windows
  2. Launch the Hyper-V Manager
  3. Create an external vSwitch with host machine connectivity

Hyper-V Guest Prep

  1. Create Your VM on a Large Disc (SSD is better, but HDD works slower but fine).
  2. Configure the VM (Add a DVD Drive / Turn off Secure Boot / TMP / Check Points / Change Boot Device to that DVD Drive / Remove default Switch and add that external vSwitch to this VM NIC) → Attach Ubuntu 22 Server ISO

Ubuntu Install

  1. Install Ubuntu 22 Server with SSH Access Turned on and LVM at MAX Size in partition (by default, installer doesn’t assign the entire disc)
  2. Assign a static IP (Local Router LAN based IP) on your Ubuntu NIC

NextCloud installation

  1. One installed, log into your Ubuntu via SSH access (cmd → ssh your.server.static.ip)
  2. Update Server using following commands,
sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
sudo reboot
  1. Run following 3 commands
sudo snap install nextcloud
sudo nextcloud.manual-install your-username ur-password 
sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:set trusted_domains 1 --value=your.vm.static.ip


Access your nextcloud installation via browser or app with following details,

Log in URL → http://your.server.static.ip
UserName → The one you entered at installation command
Password → The one you entered at installation command


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