Installing Nextcloud on a faster NVM vps while using bigger raid hdd of another vps?


I have installed nextcloud maybe a dozen times over the last month while trying achieve an ideal setup. I come here seeking wisdom of nc veterns:

I have 2 vps from the same provider in the same DC with vlan( that doesn’t cound towards bandwidth utilized):
vps alpha is a vps with single non dedicated core , 2gb ram and raid 50/60 hdd of 2tb.
vps gamma is a much faster 2 dedicated cores amd epic vps with 30gb nvme ,4gb ram

My ideal setup wud be a very snappy nextcloud installation. Although nextcloud works fine if installed directly on vps alpha, I have been wondering if it would be better to install nextcloud on vps gamma and mount the disk from vps alpha in gamma.

Q 1) Is that a viable long-term solution or am I setting myself up for failure?

Q 2) Also, if that is a viable solution, how should I go about mounting the drive of vps alpha in vps gamma ? I have seen online that there are multiple options.

Q 3) is there any video transcoding plugin for nc that I can use to limit/convert every uploaded video to a certain maximum resolution?

I look forward to your ideas, thank you.

I think there is a very real chance that what you gain from the hardware will be lost to the integration. It will add a lot of complexity and interdependency to the setup as well.

If it were me… I would run an iSCSI target on alpha and connect to it from gamma. NFS may or may not work. SMB almost certainly will not.

Not one that I’m aware of off the top of my head, but you could maybe do something like… run a cron script on the server to run ffmpeg on files dropped in a particular folder and then move and rescan them.

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