Installing Nextcloud 22 on Synology NAS with DSM 7?

I have a new Synology DS420+ with DSM 7 and want to synchronise mainly calendars (calDAV) and contacts (cardDAV) with Nextcloud. Since Nextcloud Groupware also contains mail, I am also considering synchronising the email accounts with Nextcloud.

Is there a good (German) dummy guide for installing Nextcloud with DSM 7 on the net?

Or does the installation works like with DSM 6?

Do I need Docker / Container on the Synology for this?

German cross posting: Nextcloud 22 auf Synology NAS mit DSM 7 installieren?

you might wanna ask aunt google?

probably not.

you CAN do that… and it would be independent from your DSM. I, myself, have NC running in a VM on DSM 6.x

Nobody knows how to install Nextcloud 22 on DSM 7? :cry:

I’ve upgraded my DS918+ to DSM 7 with a running instance of Nextcloud 21 (not 22) a few days ago without any problems. You can find a good tutorial here (not explicit for DSM 7, but there are some updated infos for DSM 7).