Installing NC on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I wrote a guide covering installation of NC from a brand new, “bare metal” Ubuntu 16.04 LTS hosted server through to the point of configuring cache and pretty links.

I think I’m pretty much there with it, though welcome feedback; if anywhere would be a good place to fact-check, it’d be amongst the devs themselves :slight_smile:

Edit: Added SSL too.



In the Nextcloud setup you don’t need step 2. You can just give the root-user in the install interface and Nextcloud will create a new mysql user with suitable permissions itself.

Oh that’s excellent. I’ve always created my own databases for all self-hosted services either on CLI or via phpmyadmin so clearly missed out on that! Not sure I’m too keen on using the root user if I can avoid it generally, but I’m pleased the option is there.

So I’ve had a lot of feedback over the last couple of days via Reddit, added a few more things and clarified some existing points. So now I’m probably finished with it.

I’ll be updating this over the coming days, likely removing the elastichosts setup piece and replacing it will a much smaller preparation section, as well as providing options for root installation as I’ve been asked for that a few times.