Installing Collabora on nextcloud without docker on centos 7 behind apache

Ok So I have walked up and down the forums and haven’t found an answer for my soultion so hear me out please.

I have installed nextcloud and that was pretty simple. However I installed the plugin (or at least I think I have ) called collabora on the same instance. I noticed that I wasn’t able to edit any documents and looking at other forum posts most everyone suggests to use docker. I looked at the collabora site and they have instructions on how to install collabora without docker and following these instructions, I do not see a loolwsd service or see anything listening on 9980

So I found some instructions on their site saying I can do this:

import the signing key wget && rpm --import repomd.xml.key # add the repository URL to yum yum-config-manager --add-repo # perform the installation yum install loolwsd CODE-brand

I see the service but it doesn’t start or do anything except says abort when I try to run it.

Can I either have more documentation or know the steps to make this service work?


Look at post :slight_smile:

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