Installing Apps

I am a very experienced computer user but this is making me feel stupid.

I can’t see anywhere in Nextcloud to install an app. I downloaded the group folders from the app store but I don’t have a clue how to install it. Do I have to ftp it to a directory on the server first???

Is there any instructions anywhere on how to install apps? I don’t see it the manual anywhere on how to load apps that are not already on the system…

Sorry to bother you, this should be straight forward , guess I am missing the obvious…

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Group folder should be in the apps section of the admin menu by default.

But yes, if you really want to manually install an app that is not in the app section, then you have to manually upload it to your server (for example via FTP) and place it in the correct directory in your Nextcloud folder. Afterwards it should be possible to enable it.

Thank you – I figured it out shortly after I posted but left it open in case there was another way, perhaps auto install from the app store…

Since the required files were not on the server, I used filezilla to put the files where they needed to be.

Thank you very much for responding.! and I apologize for the Auto Reply from the Foundations Mail Server. We are in the process of working on a server rule to exclude this forum.

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