Installing APCu on Centos 7

Newbie question - trying to get rid of all the warnings and suggestions in Settings although I know memcache is optional. I’ve installed APCu on my Centos 7 lab setting but when I added the following line to config.php:

‘memcache.local’ => ‘\OC\Memcache\APCu’,

I get this error when I open Nextcloud:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator if this error reappears multiple times, please include the technical details below in your report.
More details can be found in the server log.

I’ve not done any other configuration of APCu - not edited /etc/php.d/40-apcu.ini for example.

Any pointers? Running with Nginx - that might be important. PHP v7.4.30.

Doh - next Google found the answer. Needed to restart php-fpm. For the record, this is the install:

yum -y install php-pecl-apcu
yum -y install php-pear php-devel httpd-devel pcre-devel gcc make
nginx -s reload
Edit Nextcloud config.php to add ‘memcache.local’ => ‘\OC\Memcache\APCu’,
systemctl restart php-fpm