Installing and updating apps from the command line (occ)

I am currently trying to automate my nextcloud installation, and wondered how it is possible to install apps from the command line using occ?
Enabling apps like calendar using php $NEXTCLOUD_DIR/occ app:enable calendar fails if the app is not already installed. How can a new app be downloaded or updated from the app store?

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You have to download apps manually before you can enable them with occ. Unfortunately the occ command does not appear to have the ability to download apps, or Nextcloud its self. That would make a good feature request.

Thank you for the very quick answer! That’s unfortunate, especially when installation and upgrade procedures should be automated. What is the best place for a feature request? The github issues?

Github is the place. If you put a request in, tag me here and I’ll second it. I’d really love to see occ have installation/updating/backup capabilities like drush, and wp-cli.

I have created an issue:

Duplicate of

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