Installation wizard? but how?

Guys, you have a section called an installation ‘wizard’ and you talk about the following:

quote>> “When Nextcloud prerequisites are fulfilled and all Nextcloud files are installed, the last step to completing the installation is running the Installation Wizard. This is just three steps:”

However the previous pages to the wizard in the admin manual (installation) just talk about ‘deployment sizes etc’

The point is you say " and all Nextcloud files are installed " but what files?? installed where???

I have a clean LAMP install but what owncloud files should be downloaded, and placed where exactly to even get the wizard to run?? this CRITICAL part is missing from the section!!

Please explain this as either im completely stupid or my mind reading skills are rubbish…thanks

Actually I think you are right this is very confusing :slight_smile: Therefore I opened an issue at the Documentation repo: (Since I probably know why this happened).

To continue your installation of Nextlcoud follow this page, since you already have a LAMP setup, you probably can skip things.

I think these sections are important for you: and

If you have other issues with the docs please report them. The docs are important :smile: