Installation through filezilla


I am trying to install the nextcloud on website using filezilla i.e. copy and paste downloaded filezilla files in www directory of the website. Also, I created a subdomain for next cloud. After transfering the files, if I open (example). it says page not found.

Could you please tell me any specific path where we have to install or copy nextcloud files? Plzzz help me

You need to know where the document root for your subdomain is (=folder to put the files). This depends on your webserver configuration, if you use a webhosting package, they should tell you somewhere.

Before you put the whole Nextcloud setup there, it’s perhaps easier to take a single file and upload it to the directory and check via web-browser. If you found it, unpack the nextcloud zip-file and upload everything via filezilla. I think by default, if you unpack the zip, everything is in a nextcloud subfolder. Open this subfolder and upload directly to the destination (so you have the index.php directly in the main folder).

from zip:


in your web folder:


Hi, I am able to get the nextcloud admin page, but when try to below details,
Database user=nextcloud
Database password= *****
Database name=clouddatabase

I am using Mariadb, Nextcloud 13, ubuntu 16

it gives me below error, I tried many solution( found on internet)… Please help me

Error while trying to create admin user: Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused

It would be easier to use the web installer.

But if you made it up to that part, it’s ok.
The issue you see it because of your db password or db name is wrong.

Check if you have the right access for it.