Installation stops and asks to set an admin password

Hi! I have a problem installing ncp on my pi using the curl installation,
basically it stops saying “Set an admin password.” my first thought was:“Okay, just type a password”,
so I did but the pi just thinks it is a command and says, that this command doesn’t exist.
I have no idea if i should just do nothing and wait,
because it said earlier to wait until it says “NC-init Done”.
I have absolutely no idea what it is I’m supposed to do.

This is the whole bit it shows me:

Running nc-init
Setting up a clean Nextcloud instance… wait until message ‘NC init done’
Setting up database…
Setting up Nextcloud…
Set an admin password.
pi@raspberrypi:~ $

That is what nc-init does:
generate and set passwords for user ncp
nc-admin for NC on :443
nc-passwd for ncp-web:4443

No input is required, these passwords will be available on the activation page.
Just wait for “init done” (this can take a very long time on pi2 or older)