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I have a few questions about installation of NC. I am still kind of new to Ubuntu and NC. I am trying to get NC installed and I keep running into issues. Why are the steps to install NC all over the place? It would be nice to have it all in order like a checklist. When I installed the snap package it installed but I want to change the location of the data folder. It didn’t start with a way to choose my DB or anything just a login. I think it’s because I didn’t have LAMP installed. It didn’t say that LAMP needed to be installed. It says that all of the files needed are in the package. Am I missing something? Do I need LAMP installed before the package?

A lot of people that are new to Linux don’t know of all of the changes that have to be made to Ubuntu before installing NC. It would be great if someone put together an actual step-by-step for the overall installation. Again, the installation guide leads you all over and you don’t know what has to be done next. In the guide, after installing the snap package it goes to manual installation and then to more stuff. After you do the package where do you go next? I had OC installed on the server and it worked fine. Something has changed when I tried to upgrade to the new one and I can’t get it installed correctly. That is why I’m installing NC. I do realize that they are very similar but it seems that NC does much more. It seems that a lot of the instructions are for IT pros only not normal people that want their own cloud server to keep their stuff away from the popular cloud sites. Thanks in advance for any help.

Ubuntu 16.04

The official documentation does not provide a step-to-step guide. There are several of such guides by users here. You could take the guide from @JasonBayton:

It is quite complete and contains also the configuration of all caching options. I would be careful about the server-side encryption (point 6.6), the wording should be updated. Don’t just enable it because it sounds nice.

If you want to protect data better, there is Client-side-encryption since NC 13. Not all clients are ready yet (especially the desktop client) but hopefully it will be available throughout the next months.

Thank you. I will follow that guide. I looked for some guides but I guess I didn’t look in the right place. I appreciate your help!

Thanks for the reminder!

There is also the VM maintained mainly by @enoch85 and TechandMe wich is part of the Nextcloud project.

I agree there is too much info, but also several ready2go solutions already available, it is matter to take a closer look.

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I haven’t really done all of that stuff yet. I have used OC without SSL because I couldn’t get it set up. I have really bad short term memory issues due to a brain injury so I have to keep everything step-by-step. I have to note every little thing I do as I go or I will make the same mistakes over and over. I have text documents everywhere, as I go I copy, paste and delete steps each time, lol. I wish I was able to do it on Server 2012 because I know it fairly well. I know NC is quite powerful and I’ll probably never use half of what it has. I have never done server side encryption but I’m sure I really need to do it. Thank you for your advice.

I have never done a VM. I see a lot of people install it through virtualbox. I have installed Ubuntu over 100 times because I don’t know how to fix mistakes. I did find a video today that has the worst music but the guy does it kind of step by step. I will see how it does and I’ll respond to the post. Thank you for your advice also.

There is plenty of resources on GNU/Linux / FLOSS / Nextcloud.

You can take the time to learn, buy specific lessons, buy tailored services or systems.
But it depends on your needs and resources.

I went through that process on learning too like 10 years ago :smile:
Today there is really much more info and very much better tech available that those years.


There is a lot of videos and sites to help with Linux but it seems to never be the “right” thing I’m looking for. I’m sure it’s a terminology issue. If I knew how to find someone to do it for me I would pay them to do it. I ask people I know all the time if they know Linux and their response is the same. Yeah I know it fairly well and then I ask how to do something and they say they aren’t sure, lol. The problem is finding someone that you trust to do it with all of the stuff going on today. I did get it installed last night and it seems to work but I still don’t have SSL set up. Plus, there are probably a million other things NC can do that I won’t have set up. I did what the tutorial said but there must be more to it. It said Ubuntu has a built in certificate. I did this:

a2enmod ssl

a2ensite default-ssl

service apache2 reload

I don’t know how to enable it yet. I will have to look for a post here that explains it. Thanks again and have a great day.

If you will have a running Nexcloud you simply install ubuntu server and do the steps described here …

The script is written vor a VM, but imho it should also work for a normal Computer.
For me the best was to define directly the ncadmin during Ubuntu Installation and name the Computer to your subdomain you will use ie. cloud if you will use

This will need a couple of minutes … but in my case, I have still the problem … after updates there are a lots of problems, difficult to find out how to fix it. That’s always the point, you are already knowing …:wink: :wink:

Last update was destroying my Redis configuration … but Nextcloud is still running.

If you are looking for a payed Service, Daniel Hansson @enoch85 is the guy who has created the script mentioned above. In his shop you may find help.

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I will try to do it. I only use that older PC for NC. I think the best thing that has happened with NC is the sync program. I just made a folder with sub-folders and sync it. I don’t have to click and drag to add stuff, I just add it to the folder. My Server 2012 has all of the data and I just sync it. I would like to use a VM so I can have everything on one machine. Thanks for your help!

It is no work of an magician.
Afaik Server 2012 R2 has also the Hyper-V on board to create a VM.
I don’t understand how you are using the Cloud and what you need. But as a hint, there is a reliable free Cloud Software at Windows Base, it is called Tonido. They have also a free DDNS Service. I have installed this too and it is working without Problems, since a couple of years.

I’ve seen Tonido. You have to make an account on there and sign in to access your stuff, right? Or am I reading it wrong? Mine is just for having music, movies and so on. Not really important stuff at all.

Nope, they have an own free DDNS Service,, for that you need to register, but you can use your own DDNS Service. For that you need the biz package it is only 120K, you must place it in the root folder of the app. It is for free too.

But that is off topic here, if you have more questions, please send me a private message :wink:

Also consider to use some automated install scripts or ready to use images, like NextcloudPi or DietPi, depending on how much flexibility you need.

I’ll check those out. I really wish I knew how to make scripts because it would be easier when I screw things up, lol. They will work ok even though they’re for the raspberry pi? I figure things will be minimal on those but I’m not sure.

I have one more question. I have an issue with my mount (data folder) does not mounting correctly after reboot. I fixed this before but I don’t remember what I did. I think it had something to do with delaying NC or something until after the mount is mounted.

It works correctly when I install NC and then it doesn’t after reboot. It shows up on the left side of the screen and is mounted but it’s disconnected from NC.

This is what I do:

mkdir /mnt/cloud

mount /dev/sdb /mnt/cloud

gedit /etc/fstab

UUID /mnt/data ext4 defaults, noatime 0 0

chown -R www-data:www-data /mnt/cloud

Am I missing something here? I really appreciate your help.

I don’t understand what you are doing. Are we still talking about the VM? In that case there is nothing to mount. After booting the unused space is available for NC.
You have to activate the last app external Storage …
There you do something like that …

If you like to use the Windows Drives you have to choose SMB/CIFS in that App

Because there is a bug, you can’t add a whole WinDrive in that app, but Folder is ok.

I’m sorry. This is a normal NC installation in Ubuntu. I want my data to go to the mount. I am using a 512 GB SSD for the boot drive and the mount for the NC data. I have too much stuff that won’t fit on the boot drive. The mount is on the same machine. Sorry for the confusion.

Ok, but that should be the same behavior, in the Picture above the “Files” is an mounted 8TB Drive, also to /mnt/xxxx
I am only working at VM so this will definitively work, but also there could be another way …