Installation on Windows 7

I have looked all around and can not find any installation instructions for installing on Windows 7. Can anyone point me to where they are at.

Nextcloud doesn’t support a Windows installation.
You need a Linux server for the nextcloud installation.

For view month’s I am stand for the same decision.
Before I buyed a extra PC for the Nextcloud I tested Ubuntu (In my case) via Virtual Mashine on Windows 7.
On the VM I had Nextcloud installed.

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Windows 7 is listed in the supported OS in the manual.

There is not even a good detailed install for Ubuntu or anything else.

you can test it under windows.
Install xampp and you can see the information to a linux server. :wink:

That’s not ture! In the web are a lot of tutorials.
Here my tutorial they are use to install my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system.

1. Webserver (Apache, PHP 7.0, MariaDB and phpmyadmin):

2. Nextcloud:

3. Let’s Encrypt certificates (SSL) with Certbot:

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