Installation on windows 10

Hi Everyone,

I am new to NeXT Cloud, I have been trying to run it on my Windows 10 pc, I have tried to install on Ubuntu 20.04LTS application however it wont work. Is there another easier way yo run Next Cloud on windows 10 for someone that is not a tech savvy?

Many thanks in advanced

Nextcloud Server is n ot officially supported to be installed on Windows 10.
Regarding the necessary System requirements take a look here.

Nevertheless, if you insist on having Nextcloud Server installed on Windows 10 it can be done using WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux). Take a look here, here or here.

Which seems to be quite a hassle since WSL is nothing else than Linux inside Windows. If you failed to install Nextcloud Server on Ubuntu you better dig deeper into why it is failing and correct the issues rather than installing it on a not official supported OS.

If you absolutely have to install Nextcloud on your Windows PC, I recommend running it in a Linux VM. But in my opinion it would be better, running it on a separate physical “server”. This “server” does not have to be a power-hungry high-end server machine. Many here in the forum use Nextcloud on compact, energy efficient and quiet devices, such as RappberryPis or Intel NUCs etc.


I’d defenitly would agree on that. The best way for you would be to invest some cash into a cheap raspberry pi and even learn something about linux basics. That can be realy fun and the forum is alway open for you.

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