Installation on small / home NAS systems

Hi, are there manufacturer or communities of NAS systems already in contact with you to do a version for their systems?
I am asking this as I own a Synology NAS station and the latest ownCloud is not able to be installed easily (as there is still the MySQL/MariaDB password issue) and the Web version of Owncloud is a thing I do not want to go for as I heard that you from nextcloud do want to improve exactly this as a part of your strategy.
regards - Jörg
How long could it take to get something like this? (better ask Synology community?)
Would the transition be easy from owncloud to nextcloud in case I will install the latest owncloud version (9.0.2)?

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I’m interested in this topic as well.

My current server is a DreamPlug (ARMv5) and it can barely take the heat to run ownCloud lately.

In the foreseeable future I want to upgrade to something more substantial (ARMv8, e.g.) – my current favourites are the Olimex OLinuXino Lime 2 (an OSHW Raspberry Pi alternative) or one of the 96Boards (standardised by Linaro). Both are Open Source Hardware and enterprise-grade.

As such, I’m very interested in seeing Nextcloud be optimised for ARM. And due to the Spreedbox, I’m quite optimistic.

My tips, pick the platform with the most RAM and maybe one supported by Snappy. I know there was work done on building a kernel for 96Boards, but not sure if it supports this nice board:

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Any News if there will be NC packages for NAS Systems (like my Synology)?
Any help how to install NC on a NAS and what the requirements are for an easy Installation process?
I am asking this, as I am a beginner with NAS Setup…the OC package from Synology still has issues installing the MariaDB and such.

Unfortunately the Spreedbox Home editions are all sold out. Is there any indication when they will be available again? I am currently on shared hosting with Nextcloud but not too happy with the performance and also looking for a small home system. What about the Orange Pi Plus 2: or do you have any better recommendations for a good system for Nextcloud? I want to hook up multiple TB of HDD so I believe SATA is a must.

I use a odroid xu4 with ubuntu 16.04 lts and a 500 gb ssd.

Can recomend that configuration.

If you’re not happy with shared hosting, I would recommend going amd64 with plenty of RAM (4GB+) and a RAID config if you can afford it. It’s going to be $300+.

MySQL: 1024MB minimum
PHP: 512MB
Apache: 300MB
Redis: 256MB
OS: ???

You’re already above 2GB which is what most ARM boards have.

In the end I went for the Olimex Lime 2 eMMC (ARMv7), and here is why:

  • with a battery attached, I have essentially a UPS for 5-10 € already integrated
  • it has a native SATA port
  • it’s OSHW
  • it’s very well built

The plan is to have /boot on the eMMC and the rest on the external HDD. I also plan to use Btrfs and push its snapshots to a separate backup server.

As for the system, I decided to go for Armbian (the Debian Jessie version), which seems to be just Debian (or Ubuntu) with a much optimised kernel for each dev board respectively and very sane pre-sets and defaults.

Someone asked about the Orange Pi – I’ve recently talked to someone who has a really good overview of ARM development boards and he said that there’s more or less just three people/companies out there who really know their stuff and . Two of the three are said to be Olimex and the company making Orange Pi (I forgot about the third one).

Is it possible to run nextcloud on a spare computer and call the NAS from external storage?

It is, and how to do that best, I’m trying to figure out in this thread.