Installation in the DMZ

Hello everybody,

I installed Nextcloud in the DMZ.
The installation worked without any problems.

However, Nextcloud shows the setup warnings as in the picture.

I have already entered the reverse proxy under /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the error message at all. (I simply created an array and, as described in the documentation, entered the IP from the reverse proxy)

In the firewall, the rules are set so that the cloud can be accessed via HTTP and HTTPS, and that the server itself can communicate externally via HTTP and HTTPS. Are there rules missing?

Unfortunately, all my attempts have been failed.
I would be really grateful for help!!

I think you have got two problems.

You nextcloud (linux system with nextcloud installed) must allow to access the internet to get updates, apps, …

Test it on your nextcloud installation with:


nextcloud -> internet (port 443/80)

I think there is a configuration problem. You must configure all in nextcloud for https:// and not for http:// Perhaps you find it in config/config.php or in your nginx-configuration an entry with http:// and not https://


I can get update by using “apt-get update” but I can NOT ping any website.
I´m also able to download modules and I was able to download Nextcloud with “wget”

Could it be a Problem in the DNS-Settings?

Looks like this


I think no dns problem because nextcloud download works. Please look in your logs. Perhaos you find something with network tools like netstat or lsof.

In which should I look and how to do this ?