Installation fails and i don't understand the problem


I had the last nextcloud version running on my server under Truenas Scale. I added a new account with quota enabled (first time i used the quota setting), then the server stopped working immediately. Now i try to reinstall new instance, without any success. My error message is:

2024-04-02 10:25:57.464157+02:00=> Searching for scripts (*.sh) to run, located in the folder: /docker-entrypoint-hooks.d/before-starting

2024-04-02 10:25:57.466004+02:00Looks like Nextcloud failed to complete installation. Exiting in 15 sec…

failed to create fsnotify watcher: too many open files

Someone knows this kind of error ?

ps: i also search a future partner who may connect to my server for me and have a look when i have problems …

I don’t think the issue is related to quota setting - it works in general.

sounds weird… but I think you should search in this direction and please post your config and logs.

Hello! Thank you for your message and for your help :slight_smile: . Tomorrow i will post here all i have. I tried several different configs, nothing changes. See you tomorrow and have a nice evening!

I believe this particular situation is specific to TrueNAS SCALE. Might be worth checking their forum.