Installation "could not access your domain" - Softaculous / Nextcould

When trying to install Nextcloud I keep getting the error:

“Could not access your domain. Please make sure your domain is pointing to this server and there is no .htaccess file restricing access to your domain.”

I’m using Softaculous on cPanel/WHM. PHP version is up to date and extensions iconv, mbstring, and zip are installed.

The domain name is set up normally, and is accessible via the browser and FTP. No htaccess file exists in the web directory.

Occasionally I’ve got the install to work, but most of the time it doesn’t. I don’t know if this is due the the various updates Nextcloud has released.

This is very frustrating. Blogs around the Internet show that others are experiencing this issue, but no solution has been reported.

Any help would be appreciated.


Those “script kiddy install server” are not a good thing for several reasons witch are not the focus here.

You d better switch to a fully managed server with ssh and root access.

Concerning your problem, have your ever reach the web landing page.
This look like those possible problem:

  • the hostname conf is faulty or the DNS is pointing to some strange DNS like serverid.provider.tld.
  • your server use some kind of reverse proxy…
  • your server conf (apache2 or nginx) is faulty.

In any of those case, your softaculous provider should be able to help you.

Thanks. I think I might’ve discovered the problem accidentally.

It looks like on install, if you choose a password with certain non-alphanumeric characters, the install fails with the message: “Could not access your domain.” which is misleading in this case.

I use a random password generator, so the install sometimes worked, but not usually. When I set the random password to alphanumeric characters only, the install went through fine.

Any thoughts on why a password would case the install to fail like this?

I’m renting the server through Liquid Web. Good guys, (ssh access and the whole bit). They’ve been trying to help me with this issue. I’ll report back if I find anything else interesting.

this definitly IS misleading (and strange at the same time) - please file a github-issue for this and then - it would be great if you’d post the link to the issue here in this thread as well… :slight_smile:
thank you in advance.