Install Support & Collabora

By nextcloud I have come to a linux system (ubuntu 16.04).

Through a lot of reading, testing and write some topics here, I could successfully set up apache, php 7,… and nextcloud.

Because I have already released the cloud and access about 20 users, I would like to later in the and collabora libre office Installed.

Since I am not over these two installem over it, I am looking for who, me the two things via remote desktop or… installed on my server.

Is there anyone who would make it to me and at what price?

Please contact me in english or german.

Thank you in advanced!

Best regards,

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Hi @sami

I can help you if you need.
For your information, I run a hosting service called IndieHosters.
I also maintain the [docker](].

I can help you set up your server.
Or if you prefer, I can manage your instance on my server (I think it would be cheaper for you this option).
(From 240€/year to have your own instance, and then 24€/uesr/year).

If you want me to help you on your own server, then I charge 50€/hour.
(If you let me use Docker, I think it would take less than 4hours).

We can have a visio if you are interested?

Let me know!


Hi pierreozoux,
thank you for your offer!

If i want your support I would like my server.
I have buy the hardware for two weeks ago.

If I have enough time, we can take the viewing.

Best regards,

Heloo pierre!
I read your message about you can help install collabora and Could you help me install the two apps.?
I have my own server so you can help through Team Viewer…

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@tito did you solve your problem? what version of Nextcloud do you have ? I will try to help.

@giorgio… actually I didn’t install yet… but I am waiting nextcloud 12 to end of this month… But I have problems with Nginx as a reverse proxy for apache! Because I wanna integrate onlyoffice and with nextcloud as a proxy because if I do not install with proxy I will need another computer as a server only for onlyoffice and But you know everything need to have SSL certificate so I want to enabling HTTPS with Webroot plugin from lets encrypt only for onlyoffice and because actually I bought one for nextcloud.
Could you help me with integrate two application? What was your advise?

I am still running Nextcloud 11.0.2 working perfectly fine with Spreedme, collabora , Openfire chat and spreed video
They are all running on one single virtual machine and having letsencrypt certificates.
By the way the virtual machine was from .
Nextcloud 11.0.3 broke my collabora , I am waiting for official nextcloud 12 and apps that go with prior to move it into production.

So far the 11.0.2 will remain our main till late summer as it is very stable and for me it is feature rich.

Oh Really… maybe something changes in versions,
well my problem is with certificates maybe you could help with that. I have my own server.
Any way, we must in touch waiting Nextcloud 12 and if you achieve run collabora, spreedme or onlyoffice you could help or if I could I can help you…
have a nice day.

What is your problem with the certificates? I will try to help (at no charge) but need more info.
Have a nice day

Actually install in webroot the two domains and convert Https:// in the same machine. I could install Let’s Encrypt Client but I don’t know how make it work the both domains at same time.
Thanks, have a nice day

Both Spreed.ME and Collabora are scripted apps in the Nextcloud VM. You can find the scripts here under the “apps” folder. No need to pay someone. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Same as @pierreozoux I also offer support regarding Nextcloud. You can find more info here:

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@tito @enoch85
In my opinion the collabora days will not last much, onlyoffice is much easier to install and to operate.
No complications at all, and very reliable however it requires another server, it does not work on the same machine of Nextcloud. The community server is for 20 simulatenous users only. it is sufficient for most implementations (as far as I am concerned).

@giorgio09 Easier to install but you need a second server? Hmm…

Never tried to install OnlyOffice, but I know that Collabora works out of the box with our scripts. You need a second subdomain and SSL on your Nextcloud installation, that’s all.

@enoch85 Yes collabora works with some pain even with the scripts, I have it working but receive some errors from time to time. We love it but always crossing fingers while using it. Also an important note that sometimes collabora changes the format of the excel sheet and here it is a real pain.
We are trying Onlyoffice, very easy to implement (no need for second domain and no need for ssl)

Install option 1: (never worked for me)

Option 2 : (this will run the community server with the document server and email (client only not server).

Nextcloud implementation:

@giorgio09 I don’t see how the scripts can be a pain if the work straight out of the box? I never had issues with it and I helped hundreds of clients setting it up on their server. sudo bash, then enter your domain info and you’re all set.

I don’t know how secure Onlyoffice is as it’s on the same domain (the reason for putting Collabora on a second domain is because of security, though you could have it on the same domain as well if you want to) and it’s not using SSL.

Seems as easy as Collabora (just using their docker image) but never tried so I can’t tell the difference.

@enoch85 Thank you. I am not preaching for onlyoffice I am just sharing some thoughts.
The pain with us is the port 443 , letsencrypt and fiddle with the docker image.
Port 443 it is exclusively used for the ISP router.

About security , the onlyoffice in this case is not exposed to the net, the setup is done using its private IP.
There is an option to use ssl and certificates for https should someone wishes to use the mail portion or even the documents portion without passing through Nextcloud.
Our strategy is to have all centered around Nextcloud, one interface , one umbrella , single point of management.
Hence the need for extra modules such as SIP to complete our implementation.

@giorgio09 If you want to use port 443 for multiple domains on a single IP then Nginx Reverse Proxy is your answer:

The scripts setup Let’s Encrypt and the docker for you, it’s nothing you have to fiddle with. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input.

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Hi Sami,
Let me know if you still need help.