Install script with old version of nextcloud

Hello, the script install is only installing the latest version 26.0 of nextcloud.
Are there ways to install version 25.0 with the same script?


you should edit the setup-nextcloud.php file and search for line 30/31

// Nextcloud version with possible values from https://down*.zip
define(‘NC_VERSION’, ‘latest’);

change latest to version-you-want

Thanks for the answer.

I install nextcloud through the script ( described in the administrator’s manual.
Where can I find the setup_nextcloud.php file that you mentioned in the topic?

i use this in my script.

NC=“wget Nextcloud Setup -O /var/www/html/index.php”

My understanding is that that script is intended primarily for building VMs. So it’ll track whatever the VM is currently being built for. I’m not clear why it’s so generally just tossed out there for usage in the admin docs.

You may want to try installing on your own anyhow - it’s not too challenging and you’ll end up with less extra stuff you may not want or configured in some way that you may not even realize:

Note I’m assuming you want to do a general install. I mostly deploy via containers these days, so manual installs happen rarely, but I’m assuming you’ve got good reasons for doing what you’re doing. :slight_smile:

If you’re open to Docker instead of the script, you can very easily tag it for whatever version you want.