Install on Rock64 help

I have successfully gotten Armbian (Debain 9.4 w/ Kernel aarch64 4.4.124-rk3328) to install, update, and run. I also finally got the curl script to fully execute with no errors. I was having an issue with apache2 but finally got it straight. After that step, I am at a loss. I have been searching and trying for about 2 solid hours now. As per the 50 “other” instructions for Pi boards, the next step is to log in through the web browser?? I have tried about everything and no joy. I am sure it’s just me getting frustrated and tired and the answer is right in front of my nose…

Anyway- any help or a shove in the right direction would be a God send!



Anyone? I need help setting up the server side (I guess)? I need to be able to setup my ‘nextcloudaccount’@‘localhost’. I will be hosting it myself I guess? Just could use some help…

Ok, so I actually made it to the login and set up an admin. I can transfer and store files on my home network. How do I go about setting up correctly SSL and the rest of it? I feel that I am missing things here. I have been searching all night and haven’t found anything helpful about doing this… Help would be really really cool.


Have a look at this tutorial. It is for Ubuntu, but the steps should basically be the same for Debian:

Thank you Bernie- I just flashed Ubuntu Server Armbian and am trying it out. I had read this step-by-step before but I think I was using something else. I will let you know where it lands me.

Side question- To have nextcloud setup outward facing the internet, what all do I need? Do I need a domain name? I am wanting to run it off of this Rock64 and let it run off my connection.

Thank you for your time and help,


Made it pretty far and hit my first snag. Under the “Let’s Encrypt” section, how would I set this up to use outside of my home network?

I will leave the device plugged in 24/7. I need to register a domain name and then do what? I have been searching this for a couple of hours now and can’t find anything clearer than mud…

You need to set up a dynamic dns service that points a domain name to your routers IP. Also your router needs to be configured to forward ports 80/443 to your Rock64.

This page might be useful for you:

Awesome! Thank you for your help Bernie! Rereading my posts, I can tell I was tired due to all the typo’s, LOL!

I registered a domain yesterday and am still waiting for them to finalize it, which should be done today. I will be looking up DDNS and getting that all straighted out as well as fort forwarding.

I am printing all this out and putting it in my book to reference when I do something similar.

Thank you again with all your help, means a lot!


Bernie- I got it up and running! Thank you for your help with this. This weekend I am going to complete a step by step for dummies (or people like me) and post it up on my website.

I really cannot thank you enough for taking the time to lend me a hand.

Thank you very much!


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