Install nextcloud with docker

Hi, I am new with nextcloud so don’t judge me. I’m on Windows 10 pro edition, I want to install nextcloud, but I knew that nextcloud doesn’t Windows, so I search on google and found that somehow I can install docker in my computer, then install nextcloud. Is this possible? If it’s, can you teach me how to do it?

Hi @SunnyLo
Yes it is possible. Install Docker on your W10 Client and then u can create the docker container.

But i don’t recommend this setup. Better is, buy a VPS and install Nextcloud.

If u need some good VPS hoster, text me.

Kind regards,

I don’t have any money to buy a VPS, so I must use this setup, but I don’t think there is any tutorial about this

Doesn’t windows have the issue where docker gives a permission error, and doesn’t let you continue? I think it’s being fixed in 13 and 12.0.5 though

Then do you know how to install nextcloud through docker?