Install nextcloud on raspberry pi4 for home self hosting pics

hi guys,
i am new to ubuntu server and new to nextcloud.
i want to setup my home self hosting and to be able to upload my images from my phone.


  1. do I need the ubuntu server version, or can I do it with an ubuntu desktop?
  2. does anybody created an image file that I can burn to the microusb and have a short setup time? it would be great to have a visual setup for the process (connect to wifi, setup nextloud dependencies etc. if this doesn’t exist yet, somebody should create it…

Both desktop and server version of Ubuntu work fine with Nextcloud. LTS is suggested.

You can install it following the official document or server-world.

docker or snap is also a good choice.

i am using the raspberry pi imager to install ubuntu desktop 20.04 LTS then.
with the ubuntu server 20.04 i am having trouble to connect the pi to my wifi, and I guess this is why installations keep failing (I did not manage to install net-tools for example).
when I write “hostname -i” , i get…
so I guess the static IP did not go through well.

i will try following the instructions in the page you gave me, but I would be really thankful if someone would have created nextcloud installer for raspberry pi.

i cant seem to install correctly the ubuntu. it seems like it does not connect to the wifi network correctly.

i have managed to install the nextcloud server using:
Ubuntu Core. setup the IP to be dynamic (not a static one).
using Snap i have installed nextcloud.
set up an ssh.
access the system through the browser from another pc.
works like a charm now. i will write a guide soon.