Install nextcloud desktop client Citrix XenApp

We want to deploy the nextcloud desktop client in Citrix XenApp. Does anybody know how to do this the right way? We want the client to be available on XenApp so that if a user starts the nextcloud client he only needs to enter his username and password.

If we edit the The nextcloud.conf file and remove the username the client doesnt seem to work anymore. It will start with the question to enter the password but i cant enter a username. Is there a variable or something we can use?

Seems that the problem was also not solved in 2013: :sweat_smile:

I know Citrix only from user-side … I’ve seen Outlook on the Xen, Office to … But the company is also using ownCloud/Nextcloud … with Clients (which are installed locally). Maybe it is related to that it does not work with Citrix … :disappointed:

Well we do have it running on XenApp with an older owncloud client but i want to upgrade everything to nextcloud with client. And it will work, but we would like the user experience to be limited to a username/password to be entered. We now have some users who have to enter the url and select a sync folder. The sync folder points to a profile directory on the servers C:\ drive when they just do next next finish. And rtfm always misses the R :wink: