Install Nextcloud AIO with Nextcloud 24.0.10?

our Nextcloud on Raspi works still with 24.0.10 and I cant upgrade due to the 32/64bit Problem.
Now I set up a new actual Nextcloud AIO(27.0.0) on an other device and want to import user data from the actual 24.0.10 with the user migration app. This did not work.
I think this is a problem with the different Nextcloud-Versions. Is it possible to make a new Installation with AIO with Nextcloud 24.0.10? I see the instruction “latest” on the initialisation. So can I use there an explicit version?
The plan is to install the old version, do the migration of user data and the update nextcloud.
Best regards

Hi, see all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

Thank you for the tipp. So it is not possible to install AIO with a specific Nextcloud Version?

Yes, correct :+1: