Install Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server (ARM64) and Nextcloud Office = server unresponsive

RaspPi 4 4gb, php 8.0, nginx, mysql, RaspPi OS 64bit

To reproduce:
Install both Install Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server (ARM64) and Nextcloud Office.

In web browser, navigate to server. It just hangs. In about 60 seconds get 504 bad gateway.

nginx error log shows hundreds of this line repeating: - [27/Feb/2022:22:51:33 -0800] “GET /apps/richdocumentscode_arm64/proxy.php?req=/hosting/capabilities HTTP/1.1” 499 0 “-” “Nextcloud Server Crawler”

Have to ssh to server and disable and remove both apps. Server returns to normal fast responsiveness again. However, doing this removes office functionality which I want.

I have no experience with Raspi, but I assume Collabora is just to heavy for it. Earlier when I was running Nextcloud and Collabora on my NAS (Intel Celeron Jxxxx) it took up to 5-10 Minutes for the first start of Collabora (until it bacme responsive and started editing docs). ow with Core i3 in my old desktop I don’t see huge delays… but it still takes a little for the first start and 5-10 sec to open a document with Collabora after long period of inactivity

This is very similar to the experience I am having here: NextCloud Office (richdocuments) 5.0.2 freezes/hangs apache

Save for mine being x86. My fix was the same, ssh, remove nextcloud office, but also removes the functionality I want.

I don’t use nginx, so I can’t see if I have errors similar to yours, my apache error logs are empty, but I did find this in the nextcloud logs:

  • OCP\AppFramework\QueryException: Could not resolve OCA\Richdocuments\PermissionManager! Class “OCA\Richdocuments\PermissionManager” does not exist
  • OCP\AppFramework\QueryException: Could not resolve OCA\Richdocuments\Capabilities! Class “OCA\Richdocuments\Capabilities” does not exist