Install collabora on an other server than my Nextcloud server

Hello !
I have already install Nextcloud on a server, and I want to install Collabora on an other server, because I dont want to setup docker on my main server.

But I dont find so much post about this configuration, and all those I saw were unclear.
So to avoid mistake, I want to be sure:

I install docker the second server which is empty , but should I run on or on MyNextcloudIP:9980:9980 ? (I think I have understood that the domain I enter must be the domain of my Nextcloud, but I donct know about the ip I should run on)

After that, do I have to write the proxy on the server which is running docker, and maybe replace with MyNextcloudip ?

no. with it won’t be reachable across the network. and MyNextcloudIP is the ip address of your nextcloud server.

it’s: collabora-server:9980:9980

Thank you so much,
Is what else I say true?

that makes no sense anymore. :wink:

in nextcloud you have to configure the “collabora web server address”. in your case “collabora-server:9980”.

then you have make sure that collabora is using the same protocol then the nextcloud web page (http or https). there are variables to include in your docker run command/dockercompose file to setup this. (follow the doc links in -> collabora/code)

in case you use ssl you have to create certificates for collabora as well. that’s also controlled with the docker run variables. the container can create selfsigned certificates as well.

last but not least. i’m not sure about security. if you are running at home. it doens’t matter. if collabora-server:9980 is reachable via internet i’m not sure if you need credentials. so only your nextcloud server can access your collabora server. otherwise everyone can use it.

the proxy settings are needed if you want to run nextcloud and collabora on the same fqdn. which is not true in your case.

Thank you so much, i will try and keep you informed