Install both ONLYOFFICE and Collabora?


We have users with both libreoffice and microsoft office documents so it would be useful to have both ONLYOFFICE and Collabora running on our nextcloud instance. Currently the VM install script offers one or the other but not both, I opened a ticket:

It was closed and redirected here.

Is there a way to install both ONLYOFFICE and Collabora? If so instructions welcomed.

If not where does the limitation comes from?

Thanks for your help and this great free software!

You can install both following their individual instructions, but… be aware that they will both try to open and lock files, and there is a potential to cause problems.

everything just thoughts and not tested. do not do this on production server!

a) brute force: remove the removing of collabora during the onlyoffice installation and see what happens:

b) brute force: remove the removing of onlyoffice during the collabora installation and see what happens:

d) install collabora via the vm-skript and install the nextcloud onlyoffice app afterwards manually.

d) ask @enoch85 why he put the code in place. may be his setting really can’t handle both office versions. i can imagine that you get conflict in the apache conflict.

e) you may try my playbook. it will install both.

I run both Collabora and Onlyoffice docker versions on the same server for my household Nextcloud. I can’t speak to large deployments at all but for me I don’t have any problems - I don’t however have a lot of user shares and documents being opened at the same time.

Works well, you just have to make sure you only use one editor if you do collaborative work with others. Handling on mobile apps is a bit cumbersome though:

@alfred – what’s wrong with mobile apps?

You can’t select which editor you want to use for which type of file. For example by default DOCX opens in Onlyoffice (which is only a viewer anymore because they ripped away the editing features on mobile) and ODT opens in Collabora. There is no way to select which to use. Look at the Github issue I linked above.

With nextcloud 19.0.0 onlyoffice VM script install if you add CODE then collabora online apps (following instructions in the link below) you now can have both onlyoffice and collabora:

Would still be nice to have OnlyOFFICE+Collabora supported by the vm script out of the box :slight_smile: