Instalação do XMPP/installation of xmpp

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Estou enfrentando essa difcudade, como posso prosseguir ?

You are posting this in the wrong category, NC-Talk and JSXC XMPP chat are to completely separate chat systems.

But it appears you are using Nextcloud on a custom port (not 80 or 443)?
In that case you probably need to set up a reverse-proxy (such as Nginx or to work with the SaaS XMPP server of JSXC.

Alternatively you could set up your own XMPP server. Ejabbered would be my recommended choice, but Prosody also works fine. Both can be used with JSXC’s xcauth system to tightly integrate with Nextcloud.

moved to category ojsxc (xmpp) and adjusted threadtitle (hopefully)

As @Krischan mentioned, the error message explains, why your registration fails. We are sorry, but there is currently no way to solve this. Maybe we should not print this as an error message.