Inserting a link to a file in another folder?

Hello everyone,

I am new to NextCloud and would like to insert links to one file in different folders (just like you can do on your computer).

Here is the example:
Folder 1 contains a file “A”
I would like to have access to the same file “A” also from another folder, let’s say Folder 3.4 without needing to click hop in-between the folders all the time.

Basically this should be the same principle as with you normal files on your computer outside from Nextcloud.
However, when I insert such a link in the client it only works locally on my computer but not in the browser or any other persons client with whom I am working in the same folder.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this?

All the best and thanks in advance

Desktop links are different on plattforms like win, mac, or linux.
Currently you cannot have such links on nextcloud web ui.

Thanks for your answer Rake!

Thats a pity of course . Do you by any chance know, if that is currently already on the list, or would it make sense that I put it somewhere on a “ideas for improvement” list or something similar?

Oh and btw I found something that could work as a workaround in the browser for some people (not for my purpose unfortunately):

If you open Nextcloud in the browser and select a folder or a file, klick on the “I” for details and there on “share” and there on “add to a project” blow:


From there you can link the chosen folder or file to any other folder or file within your Nextcloud.

When you select the initial folder or file again and select “i” for details again and then again “sharing” you will see the linked file or document listed there.

By clicking on the linked folder/document you will be taken to the location of that folder/document.

This is of course easy to oversee and not what I was looking for - but it might help others.