Insert resources in the calendar

Hello, could you help me with the code to insert the resources in the calendar. I do it with the one proposed by github but it doesn’t work for me at all.
greetings and thanks

Have you tried this and it’s examples?

Yes, but it is very general and it does not work for me when I take it to a specific case, it does not insert the resource

Try explaining your usecase

I did everything until this step
But the resource is not shown to me when I look for it in the calendar

Have you tried booking it?

How can i book it?

Different questions:

  • Can you see the resources when entering
    php occ calendar-resource:resources:list
  • what do you see if you create a resource (screenshot)
  • please tell us more details of your NC and your environment
  • are there still set-up messages left to solve?