Initial Picture upload in background and aborting all uploads


i have installed the ios app and would like to sync all existing pictures.
Unfortunately the upload only runs when the phone is in use, not in background.
I found an option in settings -> auto upload -> “auto upload in background” but i can’t activate this point.
I thought it was becouse of existing upload jobs and tried to stop all uploads but there is no way to to that comfortable.
I only can stop each single file upload but not all together with on “click”.

Is this behaivior normal, can’t think becouse its not user friendly. 5800 pictures and every 30 sec unlock screen or aborting 5800 uploads?!

Ok, enable auto upload in background is not the solution

Next worst think is the missing feature to choose where the sync should store the pictures. the default folder “pictures” is bad for me, i wold like to store them on external smb-sharestion