Initial files in user account

Hi @ all,

I’d like to know whether or not it is possible to change the initial files which are located in the dashboard of a new user. Currently there is the nextcloud video, the nextcloud logo and the nextcloud manual.
Is there a possibility to change these initial files to our own ones?

Thanks in advance.

this is definitely possible.
You can find the files in /nextcloud/core/skeleton in your webserver directory.
You can either change the files here, I believe this would be overwritten with a new version so.
Better yet you can define a different directory to be your skeleton directory in the config.php of your nextcloud with this line
‘skeletondirectory’ => ‘/NextData/data/skeleton’,
This folder can be anywhere where the webserver user (apache or www in most cases) has access. I placed it on a seperate disk with all the user files outside of the /var/www/html folder.
Hope that works for you.

Hi Christian,

thanks for the fast response. I’ll give it a try.