Ingredients units

Can anyone tell me, where to find a list of allowed units for ingredients? Nearly every recipe I get the problem “The ingredient quantity cannot be recalculated due to incorrect syntax”. For example I cannot find a valid unit für piece, e.g. a clove garlic.

There is no such a list. In fact, we try to parse the string (e.g. 100 g of milk) and extract two parts of it:

  1. the amount (100)
  2. the unit and type (g of milk).

We then use only the amount to recalculate.

In your case, the a is no number and thus makes the parser fail. If you wrote 1 clove garlic, it should work, doesn’t it?


Hi Christian - I hate to hijack this thread, but since it’s been 6 days and I’m seeing what I think is similar behavior on several (but not all) imports, I figured I’d at least add this:

I am seeing cases where my parser doesn’t appear to be working correctly, even though the syntax appears to be correct on each ingredient line when I go in to Edit the recipe after import. I’ll include an example link I just tested below. When I import, the Recipe displays nearly every ingredient line with “NaN” for the numeric value, such as “NaN cups of pecans.” However, if I go in and Edit the recipe that line correctly displays “2 cups of pecans.” Not every recipe does this for me, but so far it’s probably the majority and I haven’t located a pattern yet.

Example: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Disclaimer: I’m brand new to Nextcloud in general and just starting to play with Cookbook, so it’s very likely I have something configured incorrectly. Thanks!

Quick edit/update: Oddly, it only seems to display the NaN in the web view. The same recipe shows the correct numbers when viewed in the iOS app.

Hey there.

This sounds like a known issue. It was fixed in the meantime. Sorry, it was not published yet but this will come soon, I hope.


Thank you - and yes, sounds like the same issue. Appreciate your work on this application, will watch for the update. Thanks!

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