Indie Computing Corp: Server setup, maintenance, and custom development

Indie Computing Corp. offers:

  • server setup
  • installation of Nextcloud (and other applications)
  • ongoing upgrades, backup and maintenance, as well as
  • custom development.

To make this easier and more cost-effective for the customer, we have developed UBOS, a Linux distribution that allows the full installation of Nextcloud in a just a few minutes on on a variety of hardware, ranging from

  • the tiny Raspberry Pi
  • to typical home or departmental servers, and
  • to virtual servers in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Installation includes security configuration (firewall and SSL/TLS certificates). This was demonstrated at a recent Nextcloud conference. A demo video is here on YouTube.

Beyond installation can maintain and operate the customer’s Nextcloud installation by performing regular software upgrades (operating system, middleware and application) and backups. Frequency and schedule can be chosen by the customer.

We also offer customization and software development services to best support the customer’s particular requirements.

We have been operating installations of ownCloud and Nextcloud, as well as of a number of other open-source web applications mostly for small businesses, non-profits and communities since 2012. Rates vary depending on customer requirements, customization requirements and duration of engagement.

You can find out more about Indie Computing at We are a small company based in Silicon Valley in California and have customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

We look forward to hearing from you at sales[at]