Indent text in markdown files on android app


I have a simple question.
I am working in markdown files (*.md). I like to do unsorted lists (bullet points). Often I want to do lists on different levels.
In the web browser i press the TAB key, then i get a level down, the list is indented.

How can I do this on the mobile phone? on the android or on the mobile app?

Thanks very much

I would assume you need to prefix a line with 4 whitespaces as described here under " Nested list spacing":

Thanks for your reply. But this is not what I mean. I dont want to edit the file in a text editor. I want to edit it in the normal nextcloud editor, like here:

Not possible at the moment. But there’s a feature request already:

I just tried it out and it seems to work as expected?! As I added “Bullet 4” I’ve entered some whitespaces + "* " + “Bullet 4” and after pressing the return key it converted the “*” character to an empty circle bullet point as you can see: