Increase storage


I’m running Nextcloud on an Ubuntu 16.10 LXC-Container on Proxmox. I mountet 200GB to the Nextcloud and these are available. Now I would like to increase the space to 500GB. In Proxmox I did it in the GUI and df -h tells me “500GB” for the mountpoint. But Nextcloud still says “200GB”. Any ideas?

Did you wait until the cron-job run again? I’m not sure if this triggers a new quota calculation, perhaps try to change a user’s quota.

how often will this be done?
I rebooted and it didn’t change

The cron normally runs every 15 minutes (if you have set it up like this), or it is probably as well triggered, when you change quotas in some way. @rullzer or @icewind can probably give you more specific info.

I changed the quota, but nothing changed.

df -h on host and guest both tells me “500GB”.But Nextcloud still says “200GB”

edit: if this won’t work, is it possible to use the external storage app and add another mountpoint?