Incorrect total RAM capacity

My system has 32GB, but NC10 reporting it is 35.7 GB.

Could be that NC is reporting GB (=10^9 Byte), and RAM is mostly in GiB? Doesn’t really explain the whole difference, 35.7 GB = 33.3 GiB.

RAM is in Gigabytes.
NC is probably reporting in Gigabits, like GParted.

Check your memory size with cat /proc/meminfo, it should be in kibibyte (, take this value, multiply by 1024 then divide by 10^9 and see if you get 35.7.

I think it’s including swap in the measure as my server has 16GB and it’s reporting 38.7GB. I’ve got a swap partition of around 20GB.

I don’t know which function they actually use to determine the memory size. If it needs special functions in virtual host environments, you can help finding the proper function to use in order to represent more realistic data.

Doesn’t seem to be related to virtual environments. I use a physical computer with 8 GB memory and 8 GB swap, the server info is reporting 17.4 GB

Sorry I mixed it up with a different topic where openvz was involved.

Either go to hunt the problem yourself on github or open a bug report there.

Seems to be intentional:
‘mem_total’ => (int)$data[‘MemTotal’] + (int)$data[‘SwapTotal’]