Incorrect NextCloud install on with data directory on Samba share


I’m trying to install NextCloud on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine, an Odroid C2 to be more precise. Everyhting goes well and NextCloud is installed perfectly if I choose /var/www/nextcloud/data as the data directory during the installation process (I use the web GUI installation).

But I want the data directory to be on a NAS. To be more exact I have 8 ODROID HC1 units, each fitted with 1TB hard disk and together they form a distributed redundant storage of 4TB in total capacity. They are bound together by GlusterFS (a distributed network file system). On the ODROID C2 which hosts NextCloud, I mount the GlusterFS storage and then I mount over it a Samba share.
So on the ODROID C2 I have the following mounts:
/mnt/gfs - this is GlusterFS native
/mnt/samba/nextcloud - this is a Samba share to the nextcloud directory in the root of /mnt/gfs

And I want NextCloud’s data directory to be /mnt/samba/nextcloud, so that I can keep my files on the NAS. But if I choose this to be the data directory. then NextCloud installs successfully but when it’s loaded it looks like a total mess. It’s like plain html, with absolutley no css applied.

The /var/log/nextcloud.log file contains nothing.
All levels of the /mnt/samba/nextcloud path have sufficient access priviledges for www-data. I added www-data into a group which can read/write/execute along the whole path, on each level.

Does anybody have any clue how I could figure this out?


Sorry, English is not my mother language, so I don’t exactly understand …

You can use the App external storage and you will have access to your Network drives. I am using a VM with 100GB for Database/Mariadb and installation. The Files are also stored via Network, only syncing Files will go to the local drive. If that is your Problem, have a look at this …

Nope, my problem is that NextCloud cannot properly access the files and directories on the network storage mounted through GlusterFS. The ww-data user just doesn’t have access to the GlusterFS mount, even though I’ve added the www-data user to the owner group and gave all rwx rights to the group. I could only solve this problem by making Apache run under a different user (not www-data), which is the owner of the mounted GlusterFS directory. It’s a GlusterFS permisssions problem, not a problem with NextCloud itself. Only the user who owns the root directory of the GlusterFS mountpoint is able to access it.

Try the external App and CIFS/SMB Option the App don’t need installed Samba so it may be a bit different in handling.
I don’t know if you have already activated, the only fault in that App is, you can’t share a complete Drive (in my setting), Folder is working well (for me)

Un4Seen, I am researching on how to do what you have already accomplished, in a similar fashion. I have an MC1 cluster that I want to Gluster together with 4 HC1s. What web resources did you use to accomplish your gluster? I have only found a little info on this at the odroid magazine site, but it seems somewhat incomplete. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

3Dscrewer, I am also going to set up my gluster with next cloud, as well as a separate HC2. I am currently at the end of my setup, but cannot get the smb running. I noticed you mentioned to use the external App and CIFS/SMB Option. Where is this located? I have been stuck here for a couple weeks trying to figure out how to enable the Samba share

@dstair As far as I remember, I did it based on the 2 articles from the ODROID magazine.