Inconsistent image behaviour across platforms

NC v 18.0.3
Photos v 1.0.0
NC Android v 3.11.0
NC iOS v 2.25.9

I noticed in the Photos app, I could see a thumbnail preview of photos, but not of videos. So I went looking for a solution on the forum and came across threads on the Preview Generator. I installed and configured this. Works great! I now have thumbnails for both photos and videos.

There’s an ensuing issue though. I now can’t distinguish between photos and videos in the Photo app. Another issue (pre-existing) is that the Photo app doesn’t appear to be honouring the EXIF orientation tag for some photos. The behaviour is different across platforms though. I’ve summarised this in the table below. Cells in red flag an issue.


It’s clear that the poorest performer is the Photo app in NC. The NC Android app appears to the best performer for viewing images stored in NC.

I understand from this post there have been some concerns with the Photo app. These are about to be addressed. It will be interesting to see if these issues are also fixed in the upcoming release. Thoughts anyone?

cc @tobiasKaminsky @ios

Absolutely not, please read the thread carefully.
This is for 18.0.4

Please read our code of conduct and choose your words carefully.

I have read the post quoted by the OP, not the thread.

As a TL;DR: most of this should be fixed in 18.0.2.

I am quite irritated over how folder sharing was basically removed from this app.

Let’s not have this discussion again, head over Github or the dedicated thread in this forum.
Last warning. This is really annoying to have to repeat the same things over and over

I can see expressing my opinion is not allowed here. I’ve reviewed the code of conduct and was not attacking anyone. I was expressing how the new app is missing key functionality and should be avoided.

Abit, my word choice was poor and I can see how that might seem attacking but not my intention, so my apologies there.

I’ve reviewed the thread on github about this issue and it was last updated by the developers on the 20th of last month. Not a single word since, half of the topic is hidden.

I will take this to github from now on as requested.

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No problems about expression opinions as long as they’re productive and aimed towards the greater good.

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