Incoming email redirection and POP3

Can I redirect my incoming emails from Nextcloud to another email account or download them to Thunderbird via POP3?

Isn’t this a question for your mail provider? With sieve you can set server-side filters…

I don´t know. My Nexcloud email provider is but the help link brought me here. I mean there is no place in the configuration section where I can choose where to redirect my incoming emails nor an option to use POP3 and instructions about how to configure Thunderbird to download emails from my disroot-nexcloud account.

You can edit you e-mail address where Nextcloud sends mail. I don’t understand how Nextcloud should be able to manage your incoming mails. The mail app is just a mail reading application that uses IMAP to connect to your mail provider. The interface of your mail provider perhaps allows you to set up filters.
It might be possible to configure Thunderbird to do what you want but we are not Thunderbird experts…

Ok. So I understand I should address my question to Disroot. Thanks.